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We will schedule an online webcam interview with you after receiving your application for the vetting process.

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We take 10% service fee and you get payment within 3 business days.

Our co-founder worked as Upw@rk freelancer over 3 years with $700k+ revenue.
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Start working your first project in 10 minutes

We find a matching client out of the entire client pool that is looking for your specific skill set and send the project to you, it's that simple. You can either Accept/Deny the project request if you don't think it's a good fit. Every freelancer is only allowed up to work on 3 projects at the same time for efficiency reason.

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The more positive reviews/ratings you have, the higher chance for you to get to the next level and earn more! Treat your clients with proactive mindset is crucial, be the expert!

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Want to know how to make $90+/hr as a freelancer? How to take care of your clients so well that they send all their connections to you with no marketing cost? Or maybe you are a starter in this industry? We have all sorts of resources that's created for all kinds of freelancers.

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We don't charge you for anything until you start making money. You don't have to buy bids or tokens to apply for jobs. We believe freelancing is all about creating value with your skills instead of hustling on job hunting or trying to learn how to do sales, right?

Get paid within 3 business days

Your payment will be processed and sent to you within 3 business days via Paypal. We are working on bank wiring and other payment methods tho, should be coming soon!

10% service charge, no hidden fee

We take 10% commission after you got a job and make money, no outfront cost or charges we promise.

No more waiting on clients

Instead of waiting for clients to sign contract or make decisions on who to hire, we send ready-to-go jobs to you for FREE after you passed our tests and you decide if you want to take it or not.

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